Parakeets for sale




Parakeets for sale

Parakeets for sale belong to the parrot family and the word “parakeet” means long tail. They are small to medium sized parrots with long, tapered tail feathers rather than having the stockier bodies and more square-shaped tails found on larger parrots.

These colorful, graceful birds are full of energy. Being flock birds, parakeets are very social with each other and with people. They love attention, make wonderful pets, and are some of the most popular pet birds. There are many different types of parakeets and many are very colorful. The Budgie or Budgerigar, which is called “Parakeet” in the United States, is one of the best-known parakeets. However it is just of more than 120 species and sub-species.

These small parrots are not only intelligent, but they have outgoing personalities and are very social. Parakeets adapt quickly to their cage and can be quite playful. They are very dexterous and are constantly on the go. To keep them happy and healthy they need a stimulating environment with lots of activities, including climbing areas and chewing toys. Because Parakeets are social birds that live in flocks in the wild, keeping more than one is important for their well-being. They will also form a close, loving bond with their human flock, and become a great friend and companion.


Care and feeding of Parakeets for sale

Parakeet food consisting of a good seed mixture supplemented with sprouted seed, various fruits, green foods, commercial pellets, millet spray (for small parakeets), and for some, occasional mealworms are generally regarded suitable. Different seed mixes for parakeets are available, depending on its size and the strength of its bill.

Bird Food:
Foods available for Parakeets include formulated diets, either pelleted or extruded, seed mixes, and Parakeet mixes which offer a mixture of both pelleted food and seeds. There are pros and cons to feeding only a formulated diet as well as feeding only a seed diet.
Formulated Diet:

Seed Diet:
A seed only diet offers much more variety but requires additional vitamin and calcium supplements. Parakeets need not only nutritional requirements met but also variety for psychological enrichment.
Seed Mixes:
Small Parakeets
There are parakeet seed mixes for birds the size of a budgerigar. A single small parakeet will eat about two tablespoons of seed a day and a half a cup of fruits and vegetables.
Medium Parakeets
Cockatiel mixes are for birds that are a bit bigger than the small budgie parakeet size. A medium sized parakeet will eat about three tablespoons of seed a day and 3/4 cup of fruits and vegetables.
Large Parakeets
Conure and small parrot mixes work well for the larger parakeets. A larger parakeet will eat about four tablespoons of seed a day and a cup of fruits and vegetables

Parakeet Behavior

Parakeets have all the great qualities of the larger parrots; they are active, intelligent, very social, and have the ability to talk. But they have a few unique characteristics of their own. Because they are smaller parrots, they require less space and are generally less expensive than large parrots. Depending on size, in a good environment parakeets can live up to 10 years for a smaller bird, with a lifespan of 25 years or more for the larger species.

Parakeets are very social, active, and outgoing birds. They adapt well to captivity and will adjust easily to their cage or aviary. These birds are intelligent little birds and are generally easy to tame. They will bond to their keepers, and may soon begin to mimic their sounds. They are relatively good at learning to talk and adept at learning tricks.

These parrots enjoy interaction with people, and just like human companionship in general. They can mix very successfully with children once they get used to the child. The same is true for other family pets; they can do very well, but be sure to use caution until you are certain they will get along. Parakeets also enjoy the companionship of other birds, and do best when kept in pairs or groups. A single bird can become restless or distressed without companionship, and may start demonstrating undesirable behaviors like feather plucking or become depressed.

Speech & Sound

The budgie is the best talking bird among the parrots, able to learn words, phrases, and whistles easily. One budgie has been recorded repeating more than 1,700 words! The males are the best talkers, though females can learn a few words and can also whistle well.

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