Meyers parrot for sale




Meyers parrot for sale

Meyers parrot for sale,the Meyers is a calm and even bird by nature and is an excellent choice for a family with children. These small parrots adapt well and are not intimidating. They enjoy all their humans and will maintain relationships with all the members of the family. These are sweet birds, not shy or timid, but curious. They tend to like all people, even strangers. Many birds say “you must love me” but the little Meyers says “I’ll always love you.”

Meyers are pleasant be around, pretty to look at, and fun to watch. This is a ‘go with the flow’ parrot that is easy to have and be around. They enjoy interactive and foraging toys, and like anything that is a puzzle. These birds are very playful and their antics will make you laugh,they can figure out how to dangle from anything and will hang upside down. They frequently lie upside down and play with their feet. If you give them a hand held toy they will use it as a juggler would use a ball. This is quite funny and being natural comics, they enjoy your laughter.

The noises of the Meyer’s Parrot are little, and that makes them a great apartment or condo bird. Their calls are musical and enjoyable to hear. It is said by many that their vocalizations are quite mesmerizing. Meyers do learn to say a few words and some have developed a pretty good vocabulary. They are expressive in their antics and their calls. So you will learn to understand their language, and there won’t be a noise problem.

The Meyer’s Parrot enjoys the attention of its humans, but is quite content playing with his toys. Because they have a more independent nature, they don’t require as much affection or attention as some of their African Counterparts.

Care and feeding of meyers parrot

For your pet, name brand staple seed mixes are available at your local pet store or super market. These contain a mixture of canary grass seed, white millet, yellow millet, oats and groats and red millet, niger seed and linseed. Some higher quality seed mixtures come with thistle, anise, rape, sesame, and safflower seed. Vitamin pellets with iodine in them are sometimes present to prevent thyroid problems. Pellet mixes are also available. Store seed in a dark but airy place. Don’t use plastic bags, cloth bags work better.

Additionally, remember your Meyers can eat anything nutritious that you eat. Offer fresh foods such as eggplant, green peas, cucumber, young dandelion greens, sweet corn, beet greens, carrots, unsprayed lettuce, green peppers, sorrel, spinach leaves, tomatoes and zucchini. Fruits that are suitable are: Pineapples, apples, apricots, bananas, most other fruits.

These little guys are prone to gain weight so leafy vegetables and fruit are very good for him. Additionally a little meat for protein and a cuttle bone for calcium should be used. Avocado and chocolate are considered toxic for birds and sugar and salt should be avoided.

The Meyers enjoy their baths and whether you use the sprayer on the kitchen sink or a commercial bird bath, they should be bathed frequently. Otherwise their feathers will dry out and they will itch which can lead to feather destruction.


You should give a new arrival a few days to get use to you, your voice and its cage before trying to handle it. A hand fed baby will not need much taming and can often be handled right away, but be patient and go slow. Allow them to hear your voice, get the scent of you.

Remember that taming and training a bird takes patience, never ‘punish’ your pet! This only serves to destroy the trust you’ve spent so much time building.

Speech and Sound of our meyers parrot for sale

These species may learn a few words, though they are not known for their talking ability. They can learn to whistle, make clicking noises, and will occasionally offer an eardrum-piercing squeak. Fortunately, they are not prone to screaming or squawking, making them good birds for apartment living. Some individuals will learn household noises, like the beeping of the microwave.

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