Lutino cockatiel for sale




Lutino cockatiel for sale

Lutino cockatiel for sale is a color mutation of the common grey cockatiel and is not found anywhere in the wild. Due to its beautiful plumage, which includes crested head feathers, it has become one of the most popular cockatiel mutations among pet bird owners. Possessing a low voice, striking good looks and a sweet personality, these small parrots can make wonderful pets.

These birds measure about 12 to 13 inches (30-33 cm) in length and weigh between 3 and 4.4 ounces (85-125 grams). They have yellow/white bodies with orange cheek patches and a yellow head and crest. Babies have red eyes which darken as they age. The Lutino mutation of cockatiels cannot be visually sexed, so you need to resort to DNA testing to be sure of your bird’s gender.

Care and feeding of lutino cockatiel

Fresh water and food supply daily is a must to keep your pet healthy. Also, removing the dropping, food particles, and papers are required on a regular basis along with a disinfection of the cage once in a week. Change the toys, bells, and mirrors (if incorporated) rotationally. Do not provide them plastic and rubber toys as it may bring about a fatal consequence. Since it needs to bathe twice or thrice weekly, you may either mist spray it or place a bird bath. A sound sleep of around 8-9 hours at night is a key to having a healthy and happy bird.

Ensure a well-balanced diet by including foods like commercially available cockatiel pellets, fresh green vegetables, seeds and unsweetened cereals. Dietary supplements like cuttlebones are useful for ensuring its calcium intake.

Social behavior

This friendly and curious bird has a lovely temperament. The biting tendency of juvenile and female birds lessens with time and training after they make a bond with their owners.

If you converse regularly, it can learn to acquire vocabulary and talk back. It produces sounds of calling bell, dog barking, and microwave sound as well.

If you put a couple together, then it will not at all crave for your attention as they are quite satisfied with each other and it is a pleasure to enjoy their courtship. Male lutino cockatiels sing to win the attention of their partner by exclusively sitting straight with wings stretched, whereas females often hang from the cage upside down.

The held back crest feathers of the bird indicates that it is happy in its condition, whereas the upright position of the crest feathers is the sign that your pet is inquisitive. Also, flattened crest feathers indicate it is stressed.

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