Hawk headed parrot for sale




Hawk headed parrot for sale

Hawk headed parrot for sale is a most unusual looking pet parrot. Though most parrots can raise their neck feathers to some degree when they get excited, the extensive ‘hawk-like’ ruff display is unique to the Hawk-Heads. When it raises its colorful neck feathers it resembles an open fan, leading to another common name besides Hawk-head. It’s also frequently called the Red Fan Parrot.

Hawk-heads have been described as endearing, mischievous, adventuresome, and fearless. This bird is intelligent and its personality has many facets. A wonderfully entertaining bird, the Hawk-Headed parrot will forever amuse you with new antics; a clown in its play. Some behaviors and movements are so bizarre it is mesmerizing.

Being very friendly birds, Hawk-Headed parrots will follow you around the home the entire day if allowed. They love attention,they will also thoroughly enjoy being held close to the body and petted on the top of the head and under the wings. They will actually fall asleep laying on or close to you. And although they are quite loyal and attached to their main human companion, they will frequently play with any individual.

These parrots are also content to entertain themselves if they have a large enough cage and plenty of toys. They will play while on their backs, or hang upside down, swinging from toys with their wings and crown fully extended. Of course they will play and swing from your hair or shirt just as easily. They fly like a helicopter going from head to head entertaining all the individuals around them. This is surely one of the most distinctive parrots in both its behavior and the wonderful coloring of its feathers.

Care and feeding of hawk headed parrot

Food and water should be available to the Hawk-Headed Parrot at all times. The water should be kept fresh and changed daily and the bowls should be kept clean. Hawk-Heads eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, and commercial pellets, as well as the same nutritional foods humans eat.

They do require a higher fat diet, similar to the macaw and they definitely enjoy those nuts and meat. Avocado and chocolate are considered toxic for birds and sugar and salt should be avoided. Human food or prepared foods should be removed from the cage after 4 hours.

These parrots require frequent bathing to keep their feathers healthy and are happy to have a bath in the kitchen sink or the shower. Turn the water on a light spray and they will frequently lay on their backs with their feet straight up displaying the full extent of crown as they bounce up and down on their backs.

Social Behaviors

In the wild the Hawk-Headed Parrots associate in pairs within a small flock. As a pet in your home, you or members of your family are the other half of the pair. They sleep singly in a tree but close to the flock. They are very social and will become quite attached to their human caretaker, as well as very willing to interact with other people. Their call is either a very soft cooing or talking when in it wants affection or is curled up on your chest or under your neck.

The Hawk-Headed Parrot is quiet when playing alone in its cage, or with you. At times though, they become very excited or upset and they will make a high-pitched call that can be quite loud. They are having a temper tantrum. This definitely occurs if you eat in front of them without sharing your food or when they feel they should be the boss. The Hawk-Headed Parrot will make a hissing sound if it is mad or frightened which is believed to be a defensive behavior. It is definitely a sound that most living things would surely back away from.


Toys to wrestle with and hang upside down with, ladders, puzzle toys,swings,bird-safe wood and leather chew toys.


Walk-in enclosure, minimum length 3m (9.8 ft).

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4 to 8 Months, 9 Months to 1 Year, 2 to 6 Years


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