Cherry head conure for sale




Cherry head conure for sale

Cherry head conure for sale or the red masked Conure is an affectionate and playful coompanion bird. When they are hand raised they have no fear of people and will quickly become ‘one of the bunch’. They make a wonderful pet!
Besides being very intelligent and loveable, the Red-masked Conure or Cherry-headed Conure is a real clown and loves to show off. They are easy to tame and are good talkers. They do however have a grating call and can get quite loud. These birds also love to play and chew, so be sure to provide them with lots of wooden toys to keep them well occupied.

Behavior and personality of Cherry head conure

These jaunty birds rather enjoy interacting with their owner than being idle for an extended period. They are extrovert and do not shy away from mingling with new people around them. Their endearing nature is characterized by a clown like personality as they don’t leave a single opportunity to amuse the owner with their tricks and intelligence. Chewing is another favorite activity for which they need chewable wooden toys. However, they become destructive and grouchy when bored.

Care and Feeding

Give commercially available pellet mixes, fresh fruits, and vegetables to your cherry head conure daily. This bird is attracted towards fatty seeds, which you should not provide in large amounts.

Keeping a conure healthy and happy is easy if you make it feel good by letting it stay outside the cage for around 2 hours each day. Provide a safe zone (outside the cage) for your pet where it can stretch its wings, move the way it wants and do some exercises on its own. Let it sleep for around 10-14 hours in a quiet room daily.

As far as bathing is concerned, provide a shallow water dish or mist spray your pet every day. Do not keep it under low temperatures right after the bath.

Also, clean the cage and other paraphernalia with warm soapy water. Dry them well.


Cherry headed conures are very active birds that require 3 hours of daily exercise at a minimum 4 hours is optimal—in a safe, “parrot-proof” play area outside the cage to stay in top condition.

Equip the birds with many toys designed to withstand its vigorous chewing habit. Frequently change the bird’s toys to keep it mentally stimulated. Provide perches in a variety of widths inside the cage to allow for foot exercise.

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